Since 1974, Brandi Companies has expanded across the midlands under the leadership of Robert Brandi and his dedicated team members. With 34 convenience stores and 19 Burger Kings, our company provides almost 800 jobs to the people of the Midlands.

Brandi Companies is committed to serving the Midlands community with outstanding service and quality products through our Pitt Stop Convenience Stores and fast food operations.

With Pitt Stop Convenience Stores, Burger King, Chester’s Chicken, Subway, Blimpie, and Yofresh locations throughout the Midlands, Brandi Companies is proud to employ over 800 local residents.

Bob Brandi, President and founder of Brandi Companies, began serving the Midlands in 1974 when he became a Texaco dealer and operated a two bay gas station on Bush River Road in Columbia, as a mechanic returning from military service. He built a small convenience store named, “Pitt Stop,” and opened in 1980 as the first open dealer for Texaco.

Since then, he has expanded with quality Pitt Stop representation for Shell, ExxonMobil, and Sunoco. In 2002, Bob Brandi brought back Burger King to the Midlands, in addition to his many Subway, Blimpie, Chester’s Chicken, and Yofresh locations.

Bob’s vision is to serve Midlands’ residents by being both an employer of choice and an active contributor to the development of Midlands’ youth. Brandi Companies provides funding to over 30 local schools and youth athletic clubs, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association, the Palmetto Health Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, and many other local and national charities.

“Don’t Stop ’til You’re at Pitt Stop!”

Fleet Credit Program




We offer comprehensive Control and Security with our time and expense saving Fleet Credit Program.


36 Easy-to-reach locations

Easy to use

Pay at the Pump

Complete and Accurate Monthly Record of Fuel Purchases including: Date, Time & Location of Purchase, Gallons Dispensed & Fuel Type Purchased, Which Vehicle Filled, and MPG since last fill.

Lost or Stolen Cards are Electronically Locked Out

Only Purchases You Authorized are Allowed

Save Time at the Pump

Save Accounting Time with Complete, Accurate Records

Improve Employee Efficiency

Application: http://pittstopstores.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Credit-application.pdf


giving Since our start in 1974, Brandi Companies has been a benevolent partner of the community. Sponsoring schools, sports teams, and fund raising for local and nationwide non-profits, our customers have given back millions to the community and country.